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Our firm has the most extensive experience in litigation in the tax branch, as well as attention in the Corporate area, understanding the importance that this implies at the equity level, as well as the tranquility in the proper functioning of its operations outside the law.

That is why we put our services at your disposal, which will undoubtedly help you to keep your business activities running smoothly:

  • Legal - Taxes.
  • Forgiveness of fines.
  • Revocation resource.
  • Judgment of nullity.
  • Amparo trial and review.
  • Preparation, formalization and review of minutes of assembly, councils and committees of all types of commercial companies, societies and civil associations.
  • Management, updating of company records and articles of incorporation, reforms, subsidiaries and powers before the Public Registry of Commerce.
  • Patents and trademarks and procedures before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property. Copyright.
  • Copyright.
  • Registration before Foreign Investments.
  • Attention to requirements.
  • Revisión de bases constitutivas y modificaciones (cambio de denominación, capital, estatutos sociales, etc.).
  • Asesoría en convocatoria electrónica y celebración de actas de asamblea ordinarias y extraordinarias.
  • Revisión, actualización y corrección de libros sociales.
  • Revisión y/o elaboración de contratos con clientes y proveedores (compraventa, arrendamiento, maquinaria, consignación, asociación en participación, etc.).
  • Aviso y permiso expedidos por autoridad delegacional y local (declaración de apertura de establecimiento mercantil, plan de protección civil).
  • Aviso de actividades vulnerables de la Ley para la Prevención e Identificación de Operaciones con Recursos de Procedencia Ilícita.
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