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In the global context in which we currently find ourselves, it is possible to observe a high percentage of people, who travel for commercial, academic, medical, business and pleasure reasons, who commonly face technical and practical contingencies in order to obtain the correct visa for your legal stay in the country.

That is why, in order to facilitate these administrative procedures, we offer you the following services:

• Authorization for foreigners to attend meetings of Councils or Assemblies of commercial companies.

• Representation before the National Institute of Migration and the Ministry of Foreign Relations.

• Procedures and notices before the National Institute of Migration.

• Declaration of Mexican nationality by birth.

• Processing of immigration forms.

• Processing of authorizations and permits for their entry into national territory to foreigners whose objective is to come to work, invest, study, provide technical advice, conduct negotiations, and perform in public shows.

• Naturalization procedures.

• Procedures for apostille and legalization of official documents.

• Challenge of resolutions on immigration matters before administrative authorities and federal courts.

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